miracles of Islam

A guide to the most important publications to learn about the miracles of Islam دليل مواقع الاعجاز العلمي في القران والسنة بالانجليزي

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miracles of Islam
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Qur’ānic Integrity and Scientific Advancement A miracle is a divine act which defies and transcends universal laws which God grants to the Prophets in order to convince people of the truth of their message. The Qur’ān uses the word ‘Ayat’ [literally meaning ‘sign’] to describe this phenomenon. These Divine miracles are designed to provide people with the capacity to perceive them as signs of God’s power, knowledge and will over all things in the universe. For a miracle to have full impact it should relate to an area of knowledge in which its intended audience are well versed; in this way can a miracle fulfill its purpose. Historically, every Prophet was given miracles and these were witnessed by their respective contemporaries. The Prophet Muhammad is unique in the chain of Prophethood, for unlike all previous Prophets, He was sent as God’s final Prophet and Messenger for all mankind. Reason demands, therefore, that he should have a universal miracle that is not bound by time or geographical considerations. Every individual at every stage of human history, no matter where he lived in the world, is hence justified in saying, “If Muhammad is a Prophet for me today. I would like to behold a miracle today.”