miracles of Islam

A guide to the most important publications to learn about the miracles of Islam دليل مواقع الاعجاز العلمي في القران والسنة بالانجليزي

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miracles of Islam
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The mathematical miracles of the Holy Quran These “straightforward” observations, as Abdulaziz calls them, often revolve around a certain number or pattern that appears repeatedly in a particular chapter of the Quran. Much has been written about the Quran’s many linguistic miracles—but did you know that Islam’s holy book also contains a mind-blowing symphony of seemingly impossible mathematical harmony as well? That’s according to Lt. Col. Abdulaziz (Binimad) Al-Ateeqi, author of Quran Math Miracles: An Undeniable Miraculous Code (a free e-book available for download here), who says that computer technology has made it possible to examine the Quran’s numerical patterns in a new light. Abdulaziz, a researcher from Kuwait who also hosts a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Quran mathematics and other Islamic topics, has made it a mission to compile some of the most salient findings into English so that interested researchers and others may benefit from the latest amazing discoveries.